What you should know before getting into a relationship with a lawyer?

Rating 4, 2 (60) · Lawyers like clear facts. Go out and tell them what you think of them and where you see the relationship going, instead of. Before you date a lawyer, you need to know how they think, then understand their career. This will go a long way in saving you from disappointment and preparing your mind for what is to come.

You see, lawyers are thinkers, and their minds never stop working, so dating them requires communication, understanding and patience. Lawyers, by their very nature, are extremely detail-oriented. Your work must be meticulously completed with every detail accurately displayed and aligned perfectly. Of course, these work traits can extend to the personal life of a lawyer, where such a meticulous and demanding attitude can have a strong effect on anyone close to this lawyer.

Lawyers are very type A. The problem is that of the 11 councils, only four, five at most, made sense to us. It provided the 11 best tips for dating lawyers, apparently based on expert interviews of those who know these matters, including lawyers. Develop a statement of expectations around which each person can set priorities.

This includes time for each other. Schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation each afternoon. At first it may seem pathetic to have to organize this kind of thing, but it will give both of you something to look forward to, a constant one, that will be hard to find these days.

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